Healthy Environment Blockchain
of the future!
A new smart block chain based on a healthy environment and social dapps focused on massive adoption
Network Was Launched!


Why choosing SChain?
Machine learning / AI  dapps for a better healthy environment.

Schain is a block chain based on machine learning / AI dapps focused on the first step in social things, environment, medical and electric sector.

Our focus is a massive institutional adoption using our dapps with some functions like pay bills on our currency, get rewards on dapps for doing some things. This rewards will be announced for each dapp we publish

Our Currency
What is Schain Currency?
Full POS / Masternodes
Secure the Network
Zerocoin Protocol
Low Transaction
Real Case Use
Focused Team
Schain stats
  • Name:SChain
  • Maximum supply: 2,500,000 SChain
  • Consensus mechanism : Proof of stake (85% masternodes, 15% stakers)
  • Algorithm: Quark-hash
  • Premine: 50000 SChain
  • Masternode collateral : 1000 Schain
  • Early masternode auction : 20 masternode max
  • Early price: 0,25 BTC = 1000 Schain
  • Starts: July 14st (00:00 AM)
Premine distribution
10% Dev team
40% Listing on exchanges
50% Marketing and partnerships
Coin distribution
0.4% Founders and Team
2% Early masternodes
97.4% Total supply
Our Strategy and Project Plan

Q1 – 2018

Brain storming about possible projects focused on big data and environment

Q3 2018

First steps , listing on exchanges, partnerships, development

Q1 2019

Bussiness, deal with partners in electric sector. Deal with a environment sector company

Q2 2019

First multidevice app, a massive adoption project with an idea of a healthy environment. Payments in SChain on app

  • Aug 2018First exchanges listings,
  • Oct 2018Ideas about massive app, analisys
  • Dec 2018Community decide new roadmap focus before app launch
  • Jul 2018Main net start, wallet development
  • Sept 2018Massive marketing campaign.
  • Oct 2018Development in progress, a environment app looking for a massive adoption
  • Q2 2019App launch. New roadmap focused on medical and electric sector
SChain raised fund

Early investors

Expected users on dapps
Our Team

Big data and machine learning especialist , being part of Northern Community Team actually



SChainDEV is an anonymous experimented blockchain DEV, he is part of some big projects of cryptocurrency today with an 6 years+ of experience


Wallacepo is an experienced graphics designer, actually he’s making graphics on website and qt wallets

External Team
Another Team

In SChain we have an external team to make projects possible, ZyX’7 makes good relationships with a machine learning and big data team. That team works on exclusive on SChain projects, this team got 4 members

Frequently Questions

Schain is a transactional security and privacy driven decentralized open source cryptocurrency. We are a experienced team on big data / blockchain who wants to focus development to boost a healthy environment in the world, this is the main reason why  Schain is a full POS cryptocurrency.

Premine is needed because the team expect this on early phase :

  • Get listed on two exchanges on 2 first weeks after main net start
  • Fund for a massive marketing campaign
  • Hire more devs, possibility to expand our roadmap because this
  • Airdrops, we will bounty holders who stay since 1st day on our main net

Staking reward rates are variable. They vary on the number of people actively staking at any given time and how much any given person is staking. To put this another way, staking is a lottery, with a winner chosen at random every 60 seconds, however, some users have more tickets than others.

There’s a few different things to try

Try completely closing your wallet and restarting it

Add this text to your “schain.conf” file found in your SCHAIN directory

We hate this, is not our philosophy. Our team is experienced in blockchain and sometimes suffer this. Some members of SChain was a part of other blockchain projects with a big names. So scam is not possible on SChain cause we want make a SChain a big thing.

In the News
Media About Us
First exchange coming!

Based on the votes of the community and after conducting a study our team has decided that the first exchange…

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